The four stages any entrepreneur goes through   

The four stages any entrepreneur goes through   

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Steps to starting a small business

Steps to starting a small business

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Keeping your social media fans engaged – how to attract new followers

Keeping your social media fans engaged – how to attract new followers

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Tips to create an outdoor office space

When speaking about an office space people picture in their minds the same image, a room filled with individual cubicles, fluorescent lighting, and shuttered windows. But this type of space tends to cut down productivity and creativity, and people have started to look for alternatives. If for baby boomers this type of office was effective, millennials are looking for something new. The times are changing and if you want to build an office space then you will have to consider constructing an open-space. If you want your employees to boost their productivity, you should offer them access to an outdoor space.

Here are some guidelines how to create a sustainable outdoor office.


Check the space

If you want to create an outdoor place for your employees, you will have to find space for it. If you already have a patio or rooftop then it’s easy because all you have to do is to contact a specialist in totalprosjektering and ask them to help you create the space. If you will construct the entire office building from scratch, you will have to decide where you want to build the outdoor garden. Do not forget that in both situations you will need permits to convert or to build the space. In addition, you will have to check the market to find out what materials work best for the environment because they have to be eco-friendly and durable.

The space should be comfortable

You already know that working outside has numerous benefits and nowadays people are looking for job opportunities that offer them the possibility to spend time outdoors. However, during the hot days of summer, your employees will want a space where to escape from the heat of the sun and you will have to design a covered area for making their stay comfortable. A specialist in office building prosjektering can offer you guidance how to do it. If the winters are harsh, you will want to construct a covered space where to store the furniture.

Add greenery

Only because you place some potted plants in key places it does not mean that you have created the perfect outdoor space. If you want your outdoor workplace to boost your employees’ productivity and to landscape it according to sustainability rules, then you will have to plant flowers, trees and greeneries. Choose some local plants that do not require tons of water and care. You can design a place where you employees can plant their favourite types of flowers and vegetables. The space will not be good only for your employees but also for bees, birds and butterflies. If you need help in designing the landscape, you should contact an expert in utomhusprosjekter.

Pay attention to lighting

If some of your employees are working during nighttime then you will have to install a lighting system in the office garden. You can install a system that functions on photocell sensors; it will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. Alternatively, you can install a system based on motion sensors. Choose one that is powered by the sun instead of a traditional solution, you want your business office building to be eco-friendly.