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The four stages any entrepreneur goes through   

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Keeping your social media fans engaged – how to attract new followers

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Smart marketing ideas for microbreweries

Craft beer marketing has never been easy. This industry is a hit or miss industry, and manufacturers must always put continuous efforts into improving their businesses. The marketing part of these businesses is a complicated one, as manufacturers and marketers must do complex market research in order to find out to what approaches the target audiences is more responsive. From labelling to SEO all marketing efforts are worth it and if failed, they can cost the business itself. Below we have some of the most effective marketing approaches for microbreweries.


Your labels matter

People love craft beer because it is more particular than the mass-produced alternatives on the market. You must make sure that your labels are representative for the type of beer that you manufacture, that they have an increased quality and so on. Because of this reason, you want to make sure that you invest some money in your labelling line, as this matters a lot. Search for mikrobryggeri utstyr at specialised manufacturers and suppliers, as they are more qualitative than your regular labelling lines. A great label will not peel off during temperature changes or manipulation, and given the fact that your beer bottles will be handled by several pairs of hands, you want to make sure that you invest in a decent etiketteringsmaskiner. Professional labelling lines also have an increased ink quality, which will prevent it from tainting or falling off. After all, you want your labels to be readable.

Invest in SEO campaigns

We mentioned in the beginning how important an SEO campaign is for microbreweries. In fact, SEO campaigns are beneficial for all types of businesses, in all industries. In order to benefit from the advantages of such campaigns, you must first invest in an official website. The SEO campaign will make your business show upper in search engine results, and will send interested individuals to your page, thus, your products. SEO is a crucial element of complex marketing campaigns, which combined with other witty approaches can boost the profits of a company incredibly.

Work on your content

If you want to attract more visitors to your online store or platform, you most certainly want to create a “Blog” section, where visitors can find valuable tips and tricks form the industry. Interesting content if the king when it comes to popular websites, and this will raise your notoriety in the online sphere as a trendsetter and influencer in the industry. Articles related to beer manufacturing, cooking recipes in which it can be included, party ideas, these all are suitable for the “Blog” section of a website like yours.

Email marketing campaigns

You may have heard about this approach, but you may not be aware of how effective this can be. Send your visitors newsletters, promotions and keep them updated on events organized by your company and they will most probably turn into sales. These campaigns are usually targeted at sale-ready contacts, which boosts their efficacy.

These are only a few of some of the most popular marketing campaigns in which you should consider investing as a craft beer manufacturer.