The four stages any entrepreneur goes through   

The four stages any entrepreneur goes through   

Running a business is not something easy to do and while some people manage to succeed although they do not have a lot of experience, others may fail even if they are More »

Steps to starting a small business

Steps to starting a small business

If you are interested in setting up your own business, then there are a few important steps to follow in the process. Because the business world is highly competitive, it is more More »

Keeping your social media fans engaged – how to attract new followers

Keeping your social media fans engaged – how to attract new followers

Considering that social media marketing is more popular than ever and can have a very important influence on the success of a company, managers will need to always be careful with their More »


Useful features of 3PL software

3PL software is basically a computer program that helps third party logistics companies to take control of things like ordering, warehousing and transportation. Almost all 3PL providers are making use of this kind of software. Do you have any idea

Commercial Adhesives: The Five Benefits of Shopping Direct

  When shopping for custom or commercial adhesive products of any kind for your business, you basically have two avenues to choose from. One of which being to work directly with a 3M preferred tape converter, the other being to

Should you be driving your personal vehicle for business use?

  How many times have you thought about driving your personal vehicle for business use? Chances are that this has crossed your mind at least one. There’s not a businessperson that hasn’t contemplated the idea of using their private car.

Things that contribute to your marketing strategy more than you think

Developing a great marketing strategy will certainly contribute to the way people perceive your business and on how you develop a coherent marketing strategy. This will allow you to grow as a company, increase your profits and build a strong

Why Audi A3 is a great choice for small businesses

  Being the owner of a small business means that you have the “burden” or the task to not only maintain, but also boost the profits by keeping your expenses to a minimum. The same principle applies when it comes

Starting a florist business – what you need

So you decided to take your passion for creating beautiful flower bouquets to a different level and turn it into a business. Well, you thought good, but before you actually launch your business and make your name known to the

Starting a business with the help of DIY projects

If you are thinking to start a business in the DIY industry you need to be aware of the implications of it. It’s not something easy to do and it requires both dedication and skills. First thing first, you’ll need

Anything you want to know about R and D taxes

Understanding how taxes work can be really difficult for someone who doesn’t know anything about finances and the rules regarding them. Working in the research field will complicate things even more, given the facts that there are research and development

Hiring a video production company that really delivers – pro tips

Everyone is looking for the best advertising strategy today to promote their services and products. Texts and static images have started to be replaced by video productions in a range of industries due to the fact that videos are much

Discussing accounting software: how to choose

  As any company owner, you should be able to understand all your needs perfectly and start searching for professional and accurate solutions. The great thing about the online market is that you have everything at your disposal. You can