The four stages any entrepreneur goes through   

The four stages any entrepreneur goes through   

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Steps to starting a small business

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Keeping your social media fans engaged – how to attract new followers

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Maximizing real estate investment profits with minimal effort – is it possible?

Being a real estate investor can be extremely rewarding, from a financial point of view, considering the benefits this industry has to offer when following the right strategies. However, while the gains might be extremely appealing ones, the level of effort you need to put in can truly affect your quality of life. If you have been looking for ways, lately, to increase your capital but at the same time decrease your commercial property managing responsibilities, you should know there are solutions you have the possibility to resort to. Managed-Direct Ownership programs are the new way in which you can achieve this investment goal, and these are the things these real estate investment vehicles have to offer:


Easy to access loans

The main thing that makes this type of program so appealing for all types of real estate investors is the easier access to loans. You can obtain a property mortgage, even if you normally would not qualify for a loan. Moreover, lender liability will not be something you will have to worry about, because a managed direct program is entirely non-recourse.

Property acquisition support

Besides having the chance to obtain an advantageous zero liability loans, if you choose to enter such an investment program, you will also be benefiting from property acquisition support. Sometimes, regardless of how experience in this field you might be, receiving a second professional opinion can make a big difference. Companies that provide you with managed direct programs have the resources necessary to discover the most advantageous properties available for purchase on the market, and will help you decide on the best option, one that suits your particular situation and desires. The support received in this department can ease your investment decisions, and give you peace of mind that you are not investing in the wrong properties.

Passive income

Been presented with a wide range of property investment opportunities, you will be able to select an option that involves as few management responsibilities as possible. Obtaining a passive income from your real estate investments will become possible, considering you will have access to numerous management-free properties. The specifics of your new acquisitions will depend entirely on your personal preferences.

Tax benefits

Because acquiring a property through a managed direct program can be done under the same principle of traditional 1031 exchange, tax differing is also possible. The amount that usually goes on taxes with an usual property purchase can be redirected towards your other investments, which is certainly an appealing prospect.

When you are deciding to invest in a property or another, thinking about profits is first thing that comes to mind, but the future responsibilities you will be having are also aspects that require your attention. Because regardless of how profitable an investment might be, if management requirements surpass your capabilities, the gains will not be worth the effort. If you make smart choices, and access the right investment vehicles, you will manage to maximize your rafts with minimal effort, which is the ultimate goal of any investor.