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Commercial Adhesives: The Five Benefits of Shopping Direct


When shopping for custom or commercial adhesive products of any kind for your business, you basically have two avenues to choose from. One of which being to work directly with a 3M preferred tape converter, the other being to buy from resellers.

The thing is, when considering both options at the most basic level, both provide you with the opportunity to get hold of exactly what you need. After all, resellers simply sell on the products of the original manufacturers.  Nevertheless, those looking to get the most out of every deal would be well advised only ever deal directly with the manufacturer.

While it’s not to say you can’t get what you need via both options, there are a few distinct advantages exclusive to the direct route.

So if you’re planning on investing in commercial adhesive products of any kind for business purposes, here’s a brief rundown of the five biggest benefits of shopping direct you really can’t afford to overlook:

1. Better Consultancy

First up, unless you are already an industrial adhesive expert yourself…which of course you aren’t…you’re going to need plenty of advice and consultancy along the way.  When working with a reseller of any kind, you only gain access to the typically limited knowledge and information they possess personally.  Which could mean denying yourself and your business access to the kind of consultancy that could make a real difference. Working directly with the supplier means gaining comprehensive access to all the information and advice they can offer on their entire product catalogue. Not to mention, the benefit of their extensive experience in the field.

2. More Products

For obvious reasons, resellers cannot stock every single product of every variety across the board. It’s a similar story when it comes to everyday stores – shops are essentially reseller solutions that sell the products of other companies on to the end customer. Regardless of the size of the shop, you cannot expect them to sell absolutely everything that comes from any given manufacturer. In turn, working with resellers when it comes to commercial adhesive products often means limiting the range of products available to you. Which in turn means a reduced likelihood of finding a flawless product to suit your needs.  In turn, if you want to gain access to the biggest and best selection of adhesive products available, working directly with the manufacturer is the only way to go.

3. Faster Fulfilment

If at any time you need to get hold of your chosen adhesive products as quickly as possible, shopping direct is a wise idea. Or more often than not, placing or any kind of custom order with a reseller means then having to wait for the order to be passed on to the supplier. Which not only creates delays in the initial ordering process, but can then also complicate and lengthen the overall fulfilment process. The simple fact of the matter is that when you include resellers or middleman on long the way, you bring unnecessary complications into the mix.  As such, if you would prefer to get things done as quickly and conveniently as possible, the best advice is to stick with shopping direct.

4. Lower Prices

Resellers and middlemen across the board are unable and unwilling to offer their services for free. And why would they? In order to make a living, resellers and middlemen have no choice but to a certain additional charges and commissions on to the products they sell. By contrast, the closer to the original manufacturer a purchase is made, the more affordable the product becomes. It’s the same in most areas of business and is no different here.  If you want to score the best deals and the very best value for money, shopping direct represents a good place to start.

5. Better Aftercare

Last but not least, it’s also worth thinking about the kind of ongoing aftercare that accompanies both options. When working directly with a reputable manufacturer, you can usually be assured of the kind of ongoing aftercare the brings real peace of mind as standard.  By contrast, working with middlemen could mean little to no support whatsoever, following the completion of the transaction. Standards may differ, but the only way of gaining access to the best possible support is to deal directly with the manufacturer. You never know when and to what extent you may need this ongoing support, so it’s good to have a readily available, just in case.