The four stages any entrepreneur goes through   

The four stages any entrepreneur goes through   

Running a business is not something easy to do and while some people manage to succeed although they do not have a lot of experience, others may fail even if they are More »

Steps to starting a small business

Steps to starting a small business

If you are interested in setting up your own business, then there are a few important steps to follow in the process. Because the business world is highly competitive, it is more More »

Keeping your social media fans engaged – how to attract new followers

Keeping your social media fans engaged – how to attract new followers

Considering that social media marketing is more popular than ever and can have a very important influence on the success of a company, managers will need to always be careful with their More »


Ways technology can help your small business grow

Running a small business means that you have a small budget, a few trusted staff members, and big dreams to achieve success on the market. Nowadays, incorporating technology in your business might be the best shot you have to catch

Tips to create an outdoor office space

When speaking about an office space people picture in their minds the same image, a room filled with individual cubicles, fluorescent lighting, and shuttered windows. But this type of space tends to cut down productivity and creativity, and people have

Importance of packaging and labelling in marketing

Packaging and labelling are used to identify the products that your company makes available to the public. Consumers rely on them when it comes down to determining whether a product is adequate for consumption. They express a high degree of

The ins and outs of starting a waste management business

So, you are sick and tired of your job. Nothing makes you happy anymore and you have realized just in the nick of time that you are ruining your life. If you are capable of conducting cost analysis, market research,

Making an app for your small business

It is very tempting for a small business to not follow the mobile trend. They are under the impression that a mobile application is too expensive to build. If enterprises only knew that mobile app development is not pricey. Not

Is packaging important for your ecommerce business?

It is a mystery why brick and mortar stores refuse to take advantage of ecommerce to sell their goods. You do not need that many resources in order to maintain an online presence and keeping a physical store is costly.

Drug abuse awareness at the workplace

Drug addiction can be an issue in someone’s life without those around them actually realizing it. Drug abuse is often silent, and you might even have people working for you confronted with a sensitive issue of this kind. Business owners

Guest etiquette: When you’re attending a co-worker’s wedding

Wedding season isn’t over yet, so there is no reason for hope. What? You’ve just received an invitation in the mail from one of your co-workers? In spite of the financial burden, you have to go. If you don’t show

Marketing strategies to help grow your lawn care business

Running a lawn care business is far from being easy. Besides dealing with the day-to-day operations, you have to get new clients, no matter the stage of the business. If you do not have enough clients, then your company will

Successful corporate gift-giving: The tips you will want to know

The holiday season is far far away, yet that does not mean that you should not take the time to think about your team members or business partners. As far as corporate gift-giving is concerned, you need to take advantage